Tyre Safe is running a tyre safety awareness campaign throughout October. It was originally planned as a week-long event but following massive interest and support from tyre retailers and manufacturers, it was decided to extend it to a whole month.

Tyre Safety Month, the first national tyre safety industry initiative for many years, will focus on the importance of having correct tyre pressures and the impact these have on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

The campaign is being fronted by Channel 5 Fifth Gear presenter, Vicky Butler-Henderson.

During October motorists will be able to get free tyre safety and pressure checks at leading retailers.

TyreSafe is keen for forecourts to get involved in its campaign and has produced a range of promotional literature, including posters and leaflets, that can be downloaded from [http://www.tyresafe.org].

TyreSafe actually advises that motorists check their tyres visually every week, and more thoroughly on a monthly basis. The organisation believes around 12% of cars and vans on the road in the UK have at least one defective tyre and a further 12% have a tyre with tread below 2mm. While this is not illegal, the organisation says any such tyres should be replaced.

The effect that tyres have on a car’s handling, particularly on wet roads, was highlighted last month in a Norfolk court. A motorist with a defective offside tyre skidded on a wet road and killed a pedestrian. The driver received fines and penalty points on his licence.