UK BP dealers gathered in Berlin this week for the official launch of BP’s new premium fuel - Ultimate with active technology. The event involved 600 guests from 15 countries across Europe, scientists involved in the project, as well as a visit by chief executive Bob Dudley.

Hailed as BP’s ‘biggest fuel launch for 10 years’, and ‘best-ever range of dirt-busting fuels’ the new-formula Ultimate has been gradually appearing on UK forecourts for the past month, accompanied by a TV advertising campaign featuring a character called Orby, a bright green orb who lives at every forecourt.

The messaging is all about the millions of dirt-busting active molecules in the new fuel, which is targeting all levels of the market – not just the latest premium cars. BP says it will also benefit older vehicles by tackling the build-up of dirt which can hinder performance and fuel economy.

As well as keeping the engine clean and reducing maintenance costs, motorists are promised a potential extra 21 miles per tank – although it might take 6,200 miles to achieve it.

Whatever the claims, dealers seem pleased with the arrival of the new fuel after such a long time, which gives them a strong product with which to challenge other premium fuels on the market - notably Shell’s V-Power; the increased marketing activity will also encourage motorists not just to fill up on their forecourts, but also stock up in their cutting edge convenience stores.

UK operations director Priscillah Mabelane commented: “We set out to develop a fuel that would tackle the problem of harmful dirt, genuinely support engine performance and help people maintain the health of their car and avoid costly trips to a mechanic. What we’ve achieved over the last five years is a new range of Ultimate fuels that not only clean engines but start doing so from the very first fill, whatever the age of the engine and help deliver that all important fuel economy.

“We are pleased to bring our newest dirt-busting innovation and best ever range of Ultimate fuels to our customers in the UK.”