As soaring fuel prices start to slowly change people’s driving and buying habits, the European Petroleum Industry Association (EUROPIA) has launched a campaign to advise motorists on how to drive more efficiently. The Save More Than Fuel campaign is being run in conjunction with

the European Commission and will involve 45,000 petrol stations in 29 countries around Europe. It is also being backed by 40 oil companies, including BP, Esso, Chevron and Shell.

Launched last month, it aims to encourage drivers to make small adjustments to their driving behaviour, and offers ten tips on how to drive more efficiently, saving fuel and cutting their carbon footprint.

Millions of leaflets will be distributed in filling stations, with more advice available at [].

UKPIA is also involved, and all seven of its nine member companies with retail marketing interests are taking part. According to UKPIA’s Nick Vandervell, the campaign has taken two years of planning.

He added: "The issue of using energy carefully and wisely has been an important issue for energy companies for quite some years - in their own operations and for their consumers. It helps people save money and the environment, so it’s of benefit to everyone. It takes a while for the impact of fuel price hikes to start having an effect on people, and it’s early days. But by following our advice, drivers can cut their fuel consumption by up to 10%."

Tips include checking tyre pressure every month and closing windows, especially at higher speeds.

The launch came as fuel prices were topping the political agenda, with growing frustration by drivers and angry protests by truckers threatening blockades. Gordon Brown also met oil chiefs amid increasing pressure to help control spiralling pump prices.

Meanwhile, although fuel volume has not yet been affected by prices, people are rethinking the way they buy fuel.

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