A new guide for petrol retailers has been launched to help service station operators understand the implications of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.

‘Making goods and services accessible to disabled customers: a guide for service stations’ has been published by UKPIA and is designed to make filling up with fuel less of a daunting task for disabled motorists.

Chris Hunt, director general of UKPIA, said: “This guide’s aim is very much at the practical measures that can be taken by service station operators to improve access for the disabled to areas like the fuel dispensers, the shop, cash machines and toilets. In many cases, just minor changes to layout can make life much easier for disabled customers.”

Douglas Campbell, executive director of the Disabled Drivers’ Association and author of the guide’s foreword, said: “The publication of this guide is a welcome first step. There is more that can be done to improve the lot of disabled motorists and I look forward to exploring with UKPIA possible future initiatives in this area.”

The guide will be distributed to UKPIA’s members and is also available at www.ukpia.com under the publications section or by calling 0207 240 0289.