US multinational Wayne Fueling Systems has announced that all Wayne North American retail fuel dispensers will be supplied as compatible to E25 (25% ethanol and 75% petrol) as a standard feature.

The shift from E10 to E25 is effective immediately for Wayne Ovation fuel dispensers and by year-end for the Wayne Helix family of dispensers.

The company said: “With the potential shift to higher ethanol blends necessary to meet future fuel requirements brought about by more stringent CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standards and GHG (greenhouse gas) reductions by 2025, this move is an expression of Wayne’s continued intent of supplying its customers with the most flexible, reliable and future-proof equipment options. This follows the same thinking that led to the development of Wayne’s dual blending series, which enabled the maximum number fuel grade selections to support mid-level ethanol blends.”

Tom Cerovski, Wayne vice president of products and services, added: “We are pleased to be the first manufacturer to offer E25-listed dispensers as standard to our North American dispenser product offering, reflecting the growing interest from our customers to prepare for any and all necessary changes to the fuelling infrastructure in the future.”

Meanwhile, the UK currently has E5 fuel and a move to E10 has been mooted for several years in order to reduce carbon emissions and comply with upcoming EU limits. However, the forecourt sector has argued that the industry, and consumers, are not ready for the change and there seems no appetite from government to force the issue.