The Scott Mills Bridge was officially opened on Wednesday March 17 at Welcome Break’s Fleet services, by Chris Stark, co-presenter on the Scott Mills Show on BBC Radio 1.

Welcome Break made the decision to re-name the footbridge at its Fleet services, located on the M3 motorway at junctions 4a/5, after a campaign by Chris to get as many things named after Scott as possible. Scott was thrilled by the honour, saying: “I couldn’t be happier... I’ve got a bridge.”

The opening ceremony saw the unveiling of an official plaque, with Rod McKie, CEO of Welcome Break also in attendance. The event was broadcast live on BBC Radio 1 across the afternoon, and received a huge response across social media networks, at one stage trending above George Osbourne and the Budget announcement on Twitter.

Chris said he thoroughly enjoyed his time spent at Fleet, commenting: “It’s been a pleasure... Honestly one of the best days of my life.”

Rod McKie added: “We were very proud to welcome Chris to our services yesterday – it was great to have him onsite and the team thoroughly enjoyed meeting him. It’s been fantastic recognition for our services and a lot of fun for everyone involved.”