Masterfoods has launched a Bounty Mango & Passion Fruit stick into its range of ice creams for 2004.

Available from April, the product comprises mango fruit swirls in Bounty coconut ice cream coated with a mango & passion fruit sorbet. Rrp is £1.

Starburst Strawberry ice cream stick and Galaxy ice cream stick have been added to Masterfoods’ core impulse ice creams – Mars, Snickers, Maltesers and Bounty.

Other developments for 2004 include Galaxy Triple Chocolate Temptation and Galaxy Blissfully Creamy Vanilla in 500ml tubs. Galaxy ice cream is being backed by a £1.3m marketing spend.

Maltesers and Mars ice creams in 500ml tubs (rrp £2.99) both have a new recipe for 2004.

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