Walkers is relaunching its Quavers, Monster Munch, Squares and French Fries with significant reductions in their saturated fat and salt content.

Supported by a £5m campaign, including TV advertising, the changes follow those made to the core Walkers crisps range last year, and see an 80% reduction in saturated fat and at least 25% less salt. All Walkers snacks, which also include Wotsits, will now be cooked in sunseed oil - said to be one of the healthiest oils there is. In addition, striking new-look packs will feature GDA labelling on the front.

Jon Goldstone, vice president of Walkers marketing, says: "We had a fantastic response to the changes we made to our crisps last year; we saw the category grow by 2%. But sales of snacks have been in decline. However we anticipate that these developments will put the sector back into growth and boost overall category performance."

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