The market for ’quick, hot meals’ is currently worth £350m in the UK but is set to grow to over £500m in the next 10 years, according to Nielsen data. These products which can be prepared in less than five minutes and eaten hot are currently consumed by 60% of UK households.

Kepak Convenience Foods has a new definition for the category: Hot, Quick and Tasty. The company’s marketing director, John Armstrong, says these products are different to ready meals, cold snacks and sandwiches. They are divided into four: micro snacking (hot snacking products); quick-serve convenience ready meals (pasta and veg pots); pastry slices, pies and sausage rolls; and single-serve chilled soups. Armstrong says that to make the most of the sales opportunity, retailers need to merchandise the products together to reflect their different eating occasions.

Kepak is boosting its Hot, Quick and Tasty range with a Mexican beef burrito which joins the Rustlers line up. Meanwhile, the Zugo’s Deli Café range is being backed by an Italian-themed national sampling campaign.

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