Jelly Bean

The Jelly Bean Factory is adding four new flavours to its Gourmet Mix: Salted Caramel, Forest Fruits, Peach Bubble Tea and Cherry Blossom Soda.

Alongside these new flavours, the brand has also introduced a new sustainable packaging design and a new slogan to show just how much The Jelly Bean Factory is all about flavour called “Yes. That’s Flavour.”

Thirty different flavours were tested across the globe, with the final four new varieties replacing the existing Mint, Coffee, Liquorice and Cinnamon.

At the same time, a new 18-Flavour Fruit Mix is being launched specifically for fans of the brand’s fruitier flavours. Replacing the previous Fruit Cocktail Mix and Berry Burst Mix, it will sit alongside the 36-Flavour Gourmet Mix. Previous fruit classics such as Strawberry Smoothie, Mango, Blueberry and Raspberry are joined by the new Forest Fruits and Cherry Blossom Soda flavours.

Meanwhile, the new packaging is said to better capture the spirit of the brand and what its target customers are looking for. Bags feature bold, colourful designs and a modernised Jelly Bean Factory logo. They also highlight clearly what makes the brand’s jelly beans special, such as the use of natural flavours. Another feature of the new bags is resealable opening.