Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) has announced a new sports cap pack format and £5.5m ‘life distilled’ marketing campaign for its £21.9m glacéau smartwater brand.

The new sports cap, which will be available in 850ml packs, will hit shelves this month and has been introduced to tap into consumer demand for instant consumption formats, where glacéau smartwater is ranked the number five brand.

The launch is supported with a £5.5m marketing campaign which kicked off in April. The ‘life distilled’ campaign utilises out of home and digital advertising and will run across GB throughout spring and summer and aims to bring a sense of simplicity to the complex.

Caroline Cater, operational marketing director for Coca-Cola Enterprises, said: “Bottled water with a sports cap is in growth, ahead of the rest of the instant consumption water sector. There is real room for our customers to capitalise on this trend with the new pack format for glacéau smartwater which, as a brand, continues to grow in popularity.

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