Dairy Crest is launching a new Cathedral City Snack Bar product into the convenience channel this November.

The Snack Bar, which bears the Cathedral City masterbrand livery, is a convenient 30g cheese snacking product targeting on-the-go shoppers looking for a nutritious alternative to traditional sweet and savoury snacks such as crisps, nuts, chocolate count-lines and cereal bars.

Shaped like a traditional cereal bar to leverage visual recognition cues from this developed adult snacking category, Cathedral City Snack Bar is available in Mature and Mature Lighter variants (the latter containing under 100 kcals per bar), in cases of 12 individually bar-coded bars.

Will Hemmings, head of cheese marketing, said: “Consumers are increasingly shunning traditional snacking products in favour of lower sugar, more natural alternatives. Our research suggests that significant numbers of adults are already snacking on cheese in the home but feel that there are no products suited to their needs for on the go snacking. Cathedral City Snack Bar offers the opportunity to drive relevance and consideration of cheese as a savoury snacking alternative at these on the go snacking occasions when merchandised alongside other grab and go food items.

“While many consumers see cheese - a naturally nutrient dense food - as part of a healthy diet, we recognised that there is still a gap in the market to target more health conscious consumers with a delicious on the go cheese format and the 30g Snack Bar does just that. Our Mature lighter bar has just 99kcals which makes it a very credible alternative to a small bag of crisps or a cereal bar.”

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