Golden Wonder is back on TV with a new advertising campaign highlighting the flavour hit of the crisps.

The TV campaign airs on October 3 and will run in high-profile slots until December in Scotland, supported by trade press, social media, and consumer PR activity.

The arrival of the advertising campaign follows a product relaunch with a new look and upgraded flavours across the range, including the three hero flavours featured in the TV campaign: Cheese & Onion, Sausage & Tomato and Salt & Vinegar.

Matthew Smith, marketing director at Golden Wonder, said: “Golden Wonder has been famous for strong flavours since we launched Cheese & Onion in 1962. This campaign celebrates our great taste and will connect with both loyal customers and those looking for a crisp that packs more punch per crunch. This campaign, which will be seen by two in three adults in Scotland, is just the beginning.

“We’ve highlighted some of our hero flavours and the reactions that they produce.”