Mars Chocolate is launching a new limited edition Mars Xtra Choc bar and encouraging consumers to ‘Bring it on this winter’.

Mars Xtra Choc is intended to build on the success of Mars Triple choc, which launched in 2011 and had the highest rate of sale of any limited edition bar over the last three years.

Mars Xtra Choc will be available in a single, as well as multipacks of three full-size bars and four-pack snack size bars.

To celebrate the limited edition, Mars Chocolate UK will be supporting retailers with a range of promotional materials, including dumpbins and prefilled units.

Awareness will be raised for Mars Xtra Choc through a targeted outdoor media campaign specifically sited around impulse retailers. There will also be a £9m spend on TV and other media for the Mars brand throughout 2015.

Bep Dhaliwal, trade communications manager Mars Chocolate UK, said: “We expect Mars Xtra Choc to be our most successful Mars limited edition to date, as it builds on the success of Triple Choc in 2011 and consumer research has shown a higher purchase intent for Mars Xtra choc vs Mars Triple choc. We recommend that retailers stock up early on the limited edition Mars Xtra Choc bars - when they’re gone, they’re gone.”

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