McVitie’s has launched a new limited edition range of its Sticky Pudding Cakes for Bonfire Night, renamed ‘Bonfire Bakes’ for a seasonal twist.

Thie range includes two new flavours for McVitie’s Lyle’s Golden Syrup Sticky Pudding Cakes - Sticky Toffee Bonfire Bakes and Sticky Toffee Apple Bonfire Bakes. The range has an RRP of £1 and features new packaging with firework designs, and Bonfire Night labelling designed to ensure the products stand-out on shelf.

McVitie’s is also giving its Jamaica Ginger Bonfire Pudding Cake a makeover for Bonfire Night with revamped packaging.

Claire Hooper, senior brand manager at McVitie’s Cake Company, commented: “Bonfire Night is an increasingly popular seasonal event on the retail calendar with families and friends gathering across the country to mark the occasion, making it the perfect opportunity for retailers to capitalise on the increased demand for shareable sweet treats.

“Whole cakes in particular play an important role here as consumers look for special items to add to their party tables. Popular favourites will be front of mind so we’re confident our special limited edition range with its eye catching packaging will stand out on shelf and drive excitement with shoppers.”

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