Nestlé Confectionery is planning to generate incremental sales for retailers this autumn with the launch of a new mocha flavoured KitKat limited edition.

The new KitKat 4 Finger Mocha bar will be available from 24th August and has an RRP of 58p. It is the first time the brand has launched a mocha variety, with each bar consisting of the delicious combination of four crispy wafer fingers covered in coffee-flavoured milk chocolate.

The mocha flavour is designed to appeal to consumers who are keen to have a new, different, more exciting flavour twist from their favourite chocolate bars. It fits with the consumer trend towards café culture, and the growth in popularity of coffee-shop coffees with all their different varieties of coffee now on offer.

The launch coincides with the next phase of the £10m media campaign for the KitKat brand in 2015, with the Celebrate the Breaks campaign back on TV from September.

The campaign centres on celebrating each individual’s unique break moment, whether it’s having a cuppa, playing football with friends, checking Facebook or simply doing nothing

There will also be bespoke digital advertising activity to support the launch of the Mocha limited edition via Facebook and Twitter. The campaign mediums will continue to be connected by the use of the hashtag #mybreak.

A Nestlé UK & Ireland spokesperson said: “New news is essential to the confectionery singles category as it is a key driver of incremental sales and profits for retailers. With shoppers already set to be seeking out KitKat in store on the back of the heavyweight Celebrate the Breaks TV campaign, the new limited edition KitKat 4 Finger Mocha, from one of the UK’s best-loved brands, will provide even more excitement and interest for shoppers. The message therefore for retailers is to stock up early to benefit from maximum sales.”

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