Quaker Oats is launching new Oats So Simple Protein Sachets to tap into the fast-growing protein cereals segment. The company says the launch will allow retailers to maximise their cereal sales by offering a fast, convenient, nutrient-packed format for existing Quaker shoppers as well as appealing to a new audience looking for a high-protein option.

Available from the end of June across grocery and impulse channels, the Quaker Oats So Simple Protein Sachets will help retailers capitalise on the popularity of protein, coming from a brand that consumers love and trust for its quality and taste. Comprising of 100% wholegrain oats and soy, the sachet is a rich source of protein with 20 per 100g, according to Eric Williams, Quaker Oats marketing managerr: “We know that the popularity of protein means it is important for us to provide innovative solutions to meet customer demand and help retailers capitalise on this trend, particularly as it is increasingly being recognised as a vital part of a balanced diet," he says.

“We’re confident that the new Oats So Simple Protein Sachets will be a hit with retailers and shoppers who are looking to eat a quality cereal with the added benefit of protein that can be made in two and a half minutes.”

The new sachets will be available in Original (8 x 37.7g RRP £2.45) and Cinnamon (8 x 46g RRP £2.45).