Tic Tac is introducing a new on-pack offer called ‘Happy Rewards’, providing a reward with every pack.

Shoppers will be able to accumulate reward points with every purchase of a promotional pack of Tic Tac, and can cash-in whenever they want online. Consumers can redeem their happy reward codes immediately on items such as phone wallpapers and ringtones or aternatively points can be saved up for higher value rewards such as free Cineworld tickets, a Casio watch, headphones or a free Uber ride.

The integrated campaign, equating to over half a million pounds of spend, will be supported with targeted digital, social and out-of-home advertising, as well as in-store theatre, to ensure maximum impact with consumers at every touch point.

Levi Boorer, customer development director at Ferrero, said: “Every shopper loves to receive an added perk and we’re confident that the ‘Happy Rewards’ promotion will help retailers to boost their sales. We know the mechanic works. Last year, we launched the Tic Tac Find a Fiver campaign, where consumers could win £5 or a £5 off voucher with selected partners, and the activity generated over 54,000 entries and repeat purchases.

“Tic Tac is currently the fastest growing sugar confectionery brand in the UK, growing at +13.5%. This promotion is set to bolster that and we know that off-shelf visibility is vital in helping retailers achieve sales. To capitalise on this, we will have a range of POS which will be available to order through our trade website.

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