Tropical Sun is launching an awareness drive for its 100% Natural Coconut Water, with a London-wide bus advertising campaign. Covering north, east, south and west London, the campaign is featuring on the side of over 100 buses for a full month from August 11 to early September.

The advertising champions the brand’s canned variants, including a 330ml and 520ml can, and its recently launched 1 litre tetra SKU. The campaign’s messaging emphasises the product’s natural credentials, including further reinforcement with a ‘No Artificial Flavours or Preservatives’ message.

The high profile campaign is set to reach 63% of London’s population and be seen over 14 million times, hitting each consumer an average of four times.

The brand has recently radically stepped-up marketing activity for its portfolio of products, which is a sign of things to come said brand manager Jag Singh.

“This London-wide campaign is a huge step for us as we continue to radically raise brand awareness, highlight our product range and credentials to existing and new audiences. Our 100% Natural Coconut Water is in huge demand and has tripled in sales over the last year alone.

We want to continue the huge gains we are making in distribution and building stronger relationships with our customers to make Tropical Sun the go-to brand for shoppers who want to experience an authentic taste of the tropics and tropicalise their lives.

“The timing for this campaign is also vital, since the campaign will be live running up to, and throughout the Notting Hill Carnival. The run-up to Carnival always delivers a great upsurge in sales, and this year we really want to make a splash and help even more retailers capitalise on the great Carnival opportunity.”

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