A “significant above the line, six figure advertising campaign” with more than 5,000 bus stop adverts all over London has been launched by e-cigarette brand Neo.

The artwork depicts an elegant couple enjoying Neo’s leading product, the Neo Infinity rechargeable electronic cigarette, under the tagline “Smoking, Redefined.”.

The advert is designed to challenge the taboo of public smoking by highlighting that there is a clear difference between smoking and vaping.

The campaign is Neo’s first marketing action since confirming national wholesale distribution through their new partners, including Bestway and Batley’s wholesalers.

Tamir Teitelbaum, managing director at Neo Electronic Cigarettes, said: “We are always looking at ways to challenge the misconceptions of electronic cigarettes and heighten awareness of the difference between smoking and vaping. With our latest campaign, we aim to inform adult smokers that Neo is a sleek and stylish alternative to smoking.

“We are also extremely excited to announce that Neo will be distributed through the Bestway group. We expect to be to see Neo’s reach grow exponentially towards the end of this year. Stay tuned.”

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