Oatly, the oat-based milk alternative, has unveiled a complete brand overhaul this month, which is designed to capture the imagination of informed consumers.

It will play out across packaging, a new website and brand messaging with a focus on Oatly becoming more appealing to an increasingly health and environmentally conscious market.

The brand ambition is shift from a food production company to a lifestyle brand and bring the Oatly way of life to as many people as possible, highlighting the benefits of life ‘without the cow’

The brand is currently the third best performing in the substitute milk category, sitting as the market leader of oat drinks. The oat drink category is worth around £4.8m and is growing at a quicker pace than the milk alternative category as a whole.

It’s set to increase further with Oatly positioned to capitalise on the emergence of younger audiences turning to products that are both healthy and sustainable. The eye-catching brand design is poised to stand out against other products on offer within the sector.

CEO Toni Petersson said: “Back in the 1990s people thought we were crazy for making milk without the cow. It’s now 2014 and we know that people are ready. Our packaging is unlike anything else on the shelves and will create real stand-out. Our advertising tells the story of Oatly with a compelling message for the ‘post milk generation’.”

The re-launch will benefit from an extensive marketing push, including PR, social media, events and a sampling programme that sees a total brand investment of over £3.3m for 2014.

A new international website was launched at the end of May, with the UK version to follow in June. The Oatly website is heralded as a world’s first for the food industry with all suppliers being revealed and processes unhidden in a mark of transparency previously unseen.

Oatly is distributed in the UK by SHS Sales & Marketing.

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