KP Snacks has added a new Salted Caramel variant to its range of best-selling nut caddies. KP is the leading nuts brand in the UK with a 17.3% share of the market, valued at £56m. Nearly 40% of KP nut sales take place in the run up to Christmas and despite more than half (53%) of sales being made in the convenience sector, there remains a massive opportunity in the channel with an estimated £6m up for grabs (Nielsen data).

The sharing segment is also in growth, up 4.9% year-on-year in impulse. And with 76% of people now spending their leisure time at home, KP Snacks is hoping that this latest innovation will help drive sales over the next few months.

The brand is looking to exceed Christmas sales from last year which resulted in 3.7 million households purchasing its nuts between October and December.

Matt Collins, sales director, convenience at KP Snacks, said: "This summer saw KP return to TV for the first time in 24 years, backed by a £3m campaign and a discerning baby elephant who knows that KP are the best-tasting nuts around.

"Summer is a key growth opportunity, but Christmas is already a well-established occasion for nuts and therefore a key sales period for retailers. Insight tells us that along with taste and flavour, brands are a leading purchase driver. As such, it is vital that we are constantly reviewing and innovating our offering and tapping into consumer trends. We hope that by launching an on-trend flavour like Salted Caramel, we will drive growth for the category during this important sales period." He added that by mid-November, 53% of shoppers have bought food intended for Christmas so it’s crucial retailers stock up well in advance.

High-impact free-standing display units are available to ensure maximum visibility in store.

Other festive favourites are returning this year, including KP Frosted Maple Syrup Nut Mix, KP Frosted Honey Nut Mix in 225g bags and Cheese Footballs.

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