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    FOCUS ON EASTER: Creme of the crop


    It’s not even Christmas yet but some shops have got Easter eggs out on their shelves. Yes, where once you wouldn’t have spotted a Creme Egg before at least Boxing Day, some stores have them – and shell eggs – out on their shelves already. According to news reports, bargain store B&M has them out already and it has certainly got them a lot of publicity.

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    If you’ve been into one of the big supermarkets lately you’ll have no doubt noticed that they have many Christmas items out on show. It may seem early but you’d be wise to get some Christmas lines out sooner rather than later. The reason? Well, the confectionery companies say that many people like to shop early – spreading their spending across the weeks running up to December 25. According to Streetbees data, 49% of Christmas shoppers planned to shop earlier in 2022, and Mondelez says this trend looks set to continue for this year. And remember that some of those that spend early, eat early too so will be coming back to replace any goodies they’ve eaten.

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    FOCUS ON HALLOWEEN: Ghoulish gains


    The supermarkets tend to make it easy for families to celebrate occasions such as Halloween. Shoppers are greeted by mounds of pumpkins and elsewhere can stock up with affordable sweets for Trick or Treating. Asda has long been the go-to place for costumes and, amid a cost-of-living crisis it still has some great value outfits. Prices start at £7 for a Robot Skeleton or Glow in the Dark Gamer Skeleton and even the more elaborate ones cost just £15.

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    SHOP TALK: Fit for a King


    As I write this, the weather forecast for the Coronation weekend is not great however, the sales forecast looks somewhat brighter. While there’s quite a bit of controversy in some quarters about the cost of the Coronation, many organisations are pointing to the sales it will bring in.

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    SHOP TALK: Don’t forget Mothering Sunday


    Mother’s Day is fast approaching; this year it falls on Sunday March 19. For many adults, the easiest option will be to walk into their local Tesco or Asda and take advantage of their huge in-store displays. These will place flowers next to cards next to chocolate next to prosecco, making it uber easy to pick up everything they need all at once.

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    SHOP TALK: Feeling the love?


    Apparently, for some people, nothing quite says ‘I love you’ like a cheap meal at Wetherspoons. However, the popular pub chain is in hot water because it has increased the price of its Valentine’s Day Meal for two from £20 to £22, but says it still represents ‘great value for money’. And since recently spending £75 on a meal for two in another pub chain, I can see their point.

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    FOCUS ON EASTER: Good eggs


    Cadbury Creme Eggs remain as popular as ever, indeed according to Nielsen stats, they are purchased four times more than your average Easter product. Much of their appeal lies in the fact that they are only available for a few months every year and then there’s the promotional campaign that supports them.

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    Get your decs up


    If your shop is not yet decorated for Christmas, perhaps you should make it a priority as a new survey has found that 24% of people like to see shops festooned with Christmas decorations.

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    SHOP TALK: here’s ho-ho-hoping for a merry Christmas


    I think we’re all ho-ho-hoping for a good Christmas given the past few we’ve experienced, however things aren’t exactly fine and dandy out there. With this in mind I was thinking about what would entice me to spend more money in a forecourt shop. My answer is ...

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    Fatherson’s festive fancies


    Award-winning bakery Fatherson has launched its Christmas range which comprises:

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    SHOP TALK: Planning for Christmas


    I thought I saw Christmas lights up outside someone’s house the other night but as I got closer I realised they were Halloween lights. Phew - but I thought it won’t be long before someone takes the honour of being the first in the area to have their festive lights up.

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    Tyrrells in Christmas packs


    The top five flavours of premium snack brand Tyrrells are available in fun and festive packaging for Christmas.

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    Spooky new lines



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    Hancocks' Halloween line up


    Confectionery wholesaler Hancocks Halloween range includes new launches from brands including Kingsway, Bubs, Bonds, Crazy Candy Factory and PEZ.

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    Mondelez gets a head start



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    Swizzels’ Scrumptious Sweets


    According to confectionery company Swizzels, Halloween is the one specific time of year when sugar confectionery plays a bigger role than chocolate with consumers. 

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    SHOP TALK: Cashing in on Easter


    I always thought us Brits were world leaders in queuing and if there was ever an Olympic queuing event, we would easily take Gold. However, now I am wondering if we are becoming world leaders in scaremongering and panic buying.

  • Nutella - Pancake Day Ad

    PRODUCT NEWS: Nutella launches TV ad for Pancake day


    Ferrero is set to inspire shoppers this pancake day with a new Nutella TV campaign, ‘spread a Nutella smile’.

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    PRODUCT NEWS: Nestlé springs into action


    Nestlé has a raft of new products available this spring. Its new KitKat Bites are described as ‘a more indulgent way’ to enjoy the popular snack.