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    Driving the road ahead


    Accelerating growth in a changing world by making life’s journeys better, was the theme at Shell UK’s retail business plan event in Wales last month, which saw the new retail boss Bernie Williamson take to the stage at the annual gathering for the first time following the retirement of her ...

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    Monitoring progress


    Suresite has been hitting the headlines recently with its announcements about deals with Greenergy and its £2bn-worth of bank card transactions processed in the past 12 months.And it’s likely to become even more of an industry name, if new legislation is introduced in November concerning wet-stock monitoring. "We’ve been involved ...

  • Call for funding equality for hydrogen and electric

    Call for funding equality for hydrogen and electric


    The Government will not meet its target of 65 operational hydrogen refuelling stations by 2020 unless funding is increased, one of the main companies involved in the sector has warned. ITM Power, which supplied the equipment for Shell’s hydrogen refuelling site at its Cobham services on the M25 (above), has ...

  • Hydrogen fuel producer signs supply deal with Honda (UK)

    Hydrogen fuel producer signs supply deal with Honda (UK)


    The energy storage and clean fuel company ITM Power has signed a fuel contract with Honda (UK), which will purchase hydrogen at £10 per kg. The contract covers fuel dispensed across ITM Power’s hydrogen refuelling network. The refuelling network has been financially supported by Innovate UK, Office for Low Emission ...

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    Shell selective


    Shell UK is preparing to launch the lastest version of its premium fuel V-Power in the spring. The new fuel, which features ’Dynaflex technology’ will be marketed across the media and on Shell forecourts nationwide as ’Britain’s best fuel’. V-power was originally launched in 2008, updated in 2012, and following ...

  • Greenergy extends supply deal with Penny Petroleum

    Greenergy extends supply deal with Penny Petroleum


    Greenergy has signed agreements to supply a further three sites owned by Top 50 Indie Penny Petroleum, taking the number of Penny Petroleum sites supplied by Greenergy to seven. All of these sites are Esso-branded. Two of the sites, at Sadberge on the A66 between Darlington and Stockton-on-Tees and in ...

  • Shell launches in-car payment app with Jaguar

    Shell launches in-car payment app with Jaguar


    Jaguar drivers can now use their car’s touchscreen to pay for fuel at Shell filling stations with a new cashless payment app. Owners who install the Shell app can drive up to any pump at a Shell service station (initially in the UK and then globally) and use the vehicle’s ...

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    Driving volumes


    Certas Energy’s retail director Ramsay MacDonald is in buoyant mood as he reflects on the strength of the company’s Gulf brand as we head into 2017. "Now’s a good time for people to be contacting us, because we’re locked and loaded to go," he gushes. The overall message is that ...

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    Growing together


    The glorious Powerscourt Hotel in Wicklow, Ireland, was the setting for last month’s biennial Jet conference, which brought together retailers, wholesalers and senior Phillips 66 executives including Brian Mandell, president, global marketing in an informal setting. The event is all about relationship building, sharing news, ideas and feedback. Retailers were ...

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    Marginal gains


    Dramatic falls in the price of petrol and diesel, and a boom in the fleet of vans making home deliveries, have helped to turn around a weakening fuel market. The total volume of road fuel sales looked to be in permanent decline after year-on-year falls from their peak in 2007 ...

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    Major alternative


    Expect to hear more about Harvest Energy in the coming months and years. Its goal is to double its dealer business over the next five years, growing 20% every 12 months. It also plans to grow its company owned network, both operated and unmanned. The reason for such ambitions is ...

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    Out of the shadows


    Since Top 50 Indie group MFG took over Murco’s retail assets in October 2014, the focus to the outside world has been very much on the 228 company owned sites in the deal, which considerably boosted its portfolio of filling stations at the time to 288. However, the purchase from ...

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    Premium boost


    UK BP dealers gathered in Berlin last month for the official launch of BP’s new premium fuel Ultimate with active technology. The event involved 600 guests from 15 countries across Europe, scientists involved in the project, as well as a visit by chief executive Bob Dudley. Hailed as BP’s ’biggest ...

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    Dependable strengths


    A change of leadership in any company can be an unsettling time. But at Phillips 66 care was taken to facilitate a smooth transition as Pete George, the well-respected and long-serving managing director, UK and Ireland, retired and made way for the incoming Mary Wolf. Taking the lead at Phillips ...

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    Shell marches on


    Retailers are signing up to Shell in the UK because of the growing strength of the brand, which follows the company’s aspiration to be the number one global fuel retailer, according to David Moss, Shell UK’s general manager, retail. Addressing a large audience of dealers at the company’s annual conference ...

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    Essar refines a new offer


    Essar Oil UK has just reported its best three-quarter year results, with a profit after tax of $179m (up to December 31), compared with $35.3m for the same period in the previous year. It has also confirmed the signing up of two further dealer sites to the Essar retail brand, ...

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    Gulf’s growing dealer appeal


    It’s been another positive year for the Gulf brand, according to Certas Energy’s retail director Ramsay MacDonald, who admits to being hugely ambitious, and spending every waking hour constantly thinking about how the brand can enhance its position in the marketplace. He is pleased to announce that the Gulf brand ...

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    Deals on wheels


    reportsIndependent forecourt groups are changing the world. Well, to be more precise, they’re changing the world of distribution and logistics company Hoyer Petrolog, according to its operations director Allan Davison (pictured above). The recent major sell-off of oil company sites and the consequent growth of independent groups has led to ...

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    Jet c-store tie-up with Spar


    Jet used the Forecourt Show 2015 as a platform to launch its new convenience initiative, a concept that will give Jet’s 350-plus dealers access to four bespoke levels of retail support. To deliver this long-term programme, Jet has entered into a five-year agreement with Spar UK. Existing Jet dealers and ...

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    Harvest is back with a competitive dealer offer


    Harvest Energy is back on the dealer trail following an 18 month review, and is supplying fuel at better prices than its major competitors, according to Ian Woodcock, the company’s head of retail and branded wholesale, speaking at last month’s Forecourt Show in Birmingham. "The review probably took longer than ...