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    PayPoint reports Fortnite effect on sales of gaming vouchers


    The latest release of the Fortnight computer game, Fortnite Chapter 2, has caused a surge in gaming vouchers purchased from convenience stores, according to PayPoint. Figures taken from the PayPoint One electronic point-of-sale (EPOS) platform show the value of eVouchers purchased across the UK has seen a spike of 96%, ...

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    product news: Energizer unveils addition to battery portfolio


    Battery brand Energizer is launching an addition to its battery portfolio with the arrival of the Energizer Ultimate Lithium coin range. The new performance specialty battery range caters to the increased demand for longer-lasting batteries for smaller high-tech devices. Energizer has factored shelf life into its product innovation for this ...

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    Product news: Varta launches £1m festive campaign


    Varta Consumer Batteries is launching a £1m Christmas campaign, which is predicted to reach a UK audience of 22 million this festive season. The campaign, led by a TV advert, will feature on multiple channels including a spot during ITV’s flagship winter programme ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of ...

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    product news: Panasonic teams up with Spider-Man film


    Panasonic Batteries has teamed up with the Spider-Man film franchise for a European promotional partnership across 30 countries, for the launch of Spiderman: Homecoming. The promotion, which is featured on-pack, is designed to engage with core battery users of families with kids, by getting them to create their own digital ...

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    product news: Panasonic overhauls battery packaging


    Battery manufacturer Panasonic Energy is introducing new packaging across its range as part of a global packaging overhaul for 2017. In addition, it is giving a power boost to Pro Power, its best selling alkaline battery, so that it delivers improved performance and better value. The new packaging design, which ...

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    product news: Energizer partners E-bike supplier for promotion


    As part of a strategic move to communicate the benefits of Energizer EcoAdvanced, its longest lasting AA/AAA alkaline batteries made with 4% recycled batteries, Energizer has partnered with E-bike supplier, VOLT. Starting June 8, the promotion gives shoppers the chance of winning one of 15 VOLT E-bikes when purchasing any ...

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    Power packs


    It’s the most wonderful time of the year for battery sales, with AC Nielsen data revealing that 31% of batteries are sold in the 12 weeks before Christmas.Whether it’s to power a Christmas present or one of the many remote controls we all have nowadays, batteries are vital at this ...

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    AA and AAA batteries dominate the UK battery market, accounting for 62% and 25% of volume respectively, according to AC Nielsen figures. And together, the main five cell sizes AA, AAA, C, D and 9V satisfy around 80% of consumer requirements. Alkaline is still the largest battery segment with 86% ...

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    Full of promise


    If you’ve not heard of the Teksta T-rex, Zoomer Dino Boomer, My Friend Cayla or the Xeno interactive toy, you soon will, especially if you’ve got kids. That’s because these toys are Tesco’s tips for success this Christmas. And what they’ve all got in common apart from costing upwards ...

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    Selling power


    The average household owns 17 devices five of which are powered by built-in batteries and 12 that are powered by replaceable batteries. These 12 devices, on average, require two batteries each which are replaced between two and three times a year. Therefore 4872 batteries are needed per household per year. ...

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    Focus on Batteries: Staying power


    The big news in the batteries market is Varta’s new on-pack claims that its cheaper AA and AAA cells last just as long as Duracell’s. Independent research has found that Varta Max Tech AA alkaline lasts as long as Duracell Ultra Power; Varta High Energy AA lasts as long as ...

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    Power rush


    Imagine the scene. It’s Christmas morning and little Max has just opened a fantastic remote-controlled car. He’s ecstatic and his parents are delighted that he likes his present but then horror of horrors they realise that it does not come with batteries and they don’t have any that fit! Dad ...

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    Power lines


    Up to 40% of annual battery sales are made in the lead up to Christmas. For maximum sales, Tim Clark, sales manager UK and Ireland for Panasonic Energy, recommends that forecourt retailers prompt their customers to see if they need any extra batteries."A survey of 1,000 adults commissioned by Panasonic ...

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    Sales surge


    Ask any convenience store retailer who is open on Christmas Day what his customers are buying and all will mention batteries. The run up to Christmas is definitely the season for buying batteries to power all those toys and MP3 players and remote controls. Your forecourt might not be ...

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    Buying power


    When it comes to batteries, consumers want them to last as long as possible so no doubt they’ll be interested in Panasonic’s new Evoia battery, which has entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s longest lasting AA alkaline battery. As such, it’s the first battery ...

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    Cell buy dates


    With gadgets and gizmos topping Christmas wish lists, it’s no wonder that batteries sell so well at this time of year. Forecourts get their fair share of sales but according to Martin Gormley, brand manager at Duracell UK, they could do better."Forecourts always see a sales uplift for batteries during ...

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    Celling power


    More than 660 million batteries will be sold in the UK this year, according to Mintel, as we continue to fill our lives with power-hungry toys and gadgets. The vast majority of these batteries will be bought on impulse, meaning forecourts are ideally placed to serve the instant needs of ...

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    Power play


    Every year battery manufacturers seem to launch the ‘longest lasting battery ever’. To the uninitiated this might appear to be just some marketing ploy, but apparently the manufacturers really have to – to keep up with all the high-drain appliances that consumers love. Digital cameras and MP3 players gobble battery ...

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    Power trip


    Batteries, cameras and films may not be a forecourt trader’s bread and butter but they do offer the chance to make a tidy extra profit, particularly over the Christmas period. Jenny Hodge, communications manager at Fuji Photo Film explains: “Instant cameras are extremely popular around Christmas, as they are ideal ...

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    Power play


    If someone were to ask you if you knew the difference between an AA and an AAA battery I’m sure you’d answer ‘yes’. That’s because you sell them and it’s your job to know such things. However, for many consumers batteries are confusing – they all look very similar but ...