Motorway service area (MSA) operator Roadchef is stepping up its services to ensure that HGV drivers are supported during the Covid-19 crisis.

HGV drivers are driving for longer periods of time per day following the Department for Transport’s announcement that it will extend drivers’ daily limit from nine to 11 hours, and are very reliant on roadside service.

Roadchef says its teams are working around the clock to provide key workers a vital place to rest. Toilets and retail stores remain open, as well as showers which are deep cleaned between each use.

The company has also put in place a series of measures to support HGV drivers as they keep the country moving, including a doubling of the free parking period to four hours, and a significant reduction in the 24 hour HGV parking charge to a £15 flat rate.

Roadchef has installed free-to-use microwaves at all locations, so drivers can heat up their own food or purchase from an extended range of microwavable meals. It is also currently trialling a range of hot food options, cooked fresh daily 5pm – 9pm, at Watford Gap, Strensham and Maidstone, with a breakfast range to follow.

If the trial proves successful then Roadchef will look to roll out the hot meals to over 25 of its locations around the country, providing extra catering for drivers and key workers who are staying away from home.

Mark Fox, CEO of Roadchef, said: “We recognise that HGV drivers are the backbone of the UK’s supply chain, providing vital goods and equipment across the country. As such, we feel it’s imperative to support them and other key workers during this challenging time, to ensure they have the ability to carry out their essential work.”