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    Retailers get first taste of Evolution EPOS at NCS


    TLM Technologies previewed its new ‘Evolution’ suite of products at the recent National Convenience Show (NCS) at the NEC Birmingham. The main focus was Evolution POS, which has been specifically built for the convenience and fuel sector, and is designed to deliver the commonplace functionality of traditional EPOS systems, ...

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    Forecasting clouds


    In the past few years tills have developed from being standalone devices for collecting payments from customers, to being part of a complex "solution" that can support and even control many aspects of a business. Paul Muncey, head of network sales retail at Certas Energy, says: "Investing in the ...

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    Losing contact


    The first contactless cards in the UK were issued in 2008 but it is only in the past year that contactless payment has really taken off. According to the UK Cards Association, the trade body for the cards payment industry, £2.5bn was spent on contactless cards and devices in the ...

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    When tills, or pos as they are known in the jargon, became epos, it opened up a host of new challenges and opportunities. More than two decades later the suppliers are still bringing out new refinements to their systems, as well as entirely new functions, and if anything the pace ...

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    Smart solutions


    This time last year payment by smartphone at the pump was in very early development. But by June 2013 a prototype mobile payments web-browsing service created by retail technology provider Micros Systems had been piloted and launched as MiFuel, a solution allowing drivers to pay for fuel using their mobile ...

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    Focus on EPOS: Mobile future


    We use mobile phones for almost everything these days to find our way, for online shopping, or just generally surfing the net so why not pay for fuel with one? There may be a few regulatory hurdles to overcome first but mobile payment on forecourts could be a lot closer ...

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    Go with the flow


    So you’re busy and you want a quick snapshot of how your business is doing. Not just headline sales figures for the forecourt, shop and car wash, but a deeper insight, such as what the current biggest sellers are as well as the under-performers. But wouldn’t you also ...

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    All systems are go


    As forecourts continue to feel the pinch from escalating fuel prices and intensifying competition, it’s never been more important for retailers to retain margins, minimise waste and optimise sales opportunities. A modern epos system designed for the forecourt environment can help retailers do just that, but while most ...

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    System support


    According to the experts, many forecourt retailers are not using their epos systems to their full potential. Steve Watts, sales director at Torex Petroleum and Convenience, is one of those experts. He says: "We have been working hard with our customers to ensure that reducing queues and increasing margins are ...

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    POSitive thinking


    With the economic road ahead still looking rocky, it’s more important than ever to use the latest epos to beat the competition. That’s according to Richard Quarmsby, managing director at Torex Petroleum and Convenience, who warns that retailers should look at the greater savings that epos can bring to their ...

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    Anything’s POSsible


    Have you checked your epos data recently? According to research company Him, independent retailers only review the data they get from their epos systems an average of 4.5 times a month. The figure comes from its latest Cash and Carry Retailer Tracking Programme, which carries out interviews with retailers while ...

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    All mod cons


    There is no ’one size fits all’ epos solution for forecourts. So says Paul Cooper, business development director at HTEC. And he should know, as HTEC provides solutions to 50% of the UK’s supermarkets and to 3,500 forecourts. "We have been in business since 1989, with a focus on forecourt ...

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    All systems go


    By having the right epos solution in place, you can increase your profits by at least 3% a year. So says Jamie Shipstone, sales and marketing director for YP Electronics. He explains: "By responding to accurate trading records, you will be able to control stock more professionally, save valuable management ...

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    Computer logic


    Technology develops at such a speed that it’s sometimes hard to keep up, but for a forecourt to operate seamlessly, it has to. A busy site can’t afford for its systems to fail so it needs the best equipment the operator can afford. Likewise operators need to embrace new security ...