A real-time mobile app, developed to help food stores sell significantly more of its reduced to clear, often yellow labelled, food produce, has launched in the UK.

Gander, a mobile platform that displays ‘reduced to clear’ food products, has partnered with Henderson Technology to bring the solution to life in stores it partners with across the UK.

Gander displays reduced to clear food automatically and in real-time, with Henderson Technology’s award-winning EDGEPoS system pushing the reduced food products to the mobile app, as they are stickered in-store.

When that item is sold it is automatically removed from the app, providing an instant feed of all reductions in-store at any time making it simple and effective for the shopper.

Speaking on the launch of Gander, Ashley Osborne, founder of Gander said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Henderson Technology to introduce this new technology to market in an industry first. Together through this partnership, we can take significant strides towards giving retailers and shoppers alike the ability to have a more sustainable and mindful approach to food shopping.

“Environmentally, food waste is a crisis and is one of today’s growing issues and it is forecast to increase substantially by 2030 unless serious action is taken. Worst yet, a significant proportion of this waste is completely avoidable. However, for retailers reduced food can cost them up to 7% of their turnover. At a time when margins are being squeezed, this is revenue sitting on their shelves and that shoppers locally would love to buy, they just don’t know it is there.”

Darren Nickels, head of Henderson Technology, said: “As an innovative and forward-thinking technology supplier, we are committing to helping all our retailers to reduce food waste. We are excited to have partnered with Gander to bring this unique initiative to life in an industry first. We are delighted to be the first POS provider in the UK to offer this with our EDGEPoS system.

“Through the retail partners we work with both in the UK and across the globe, we know that many of our customers feel strongly about addressing this issue and feel confident that by introducing the Gander app we will encourage shoppers to purchase in a smarter, more sustainable way while also enjoying some great savings.”

Osborne added: “Only 5% of a retailer’s existing shoppers purchase reduce-to-clear food. Gander puts this information in the hands of significantly more motivated shoppers which in turn will increase sales of reduced product.

“For a retailer, this will increase revenue otherwise lost to waste, increase footfall and reduce waste. For the shoppers it will provide them with the ability to avail of local bargains and save money, whilst allowing them to feel they are positively addressing the problem of food wastage. A win, win!”

The Gander app can be downloaded via the Apple or Android app and used to locate reduced items at participating stores across the UK.

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