New Viscount Forecourt Amenity Units, from Leafield Environmental, have been installed across BP’s network of service stations throughout Spain, each combining a litter collection receptacle with a paper towel dispenser and a glove dispenser.

Produced in BP corporate colours, the Viscount Unit has a 522mm diameter, compact footprint that fits easily on the majority of pump islands. It has two litter apertures and a large litter capacity of 110 litres with a galvanised steel liner or 135 litres when used with a plastic sack, which is held in place over an internal fixing lip.

The Viscount Unit has a lockable hood and a slam to lock lid that allows the gloves and paper towels to be replenished without the need to remove the litterbin hood.

In conjunction, Leafield Environmental has also provided corporate coloured, 120 litre, Metro litterbins for use in forecourt areas where gloves and paper towels would be superfluous. These bins have double aperture for easy walk-by access and a double skin hood for exceptional all-round strength and durability.

Both the Metro Litter Bin and the Viscount Forecourt Amenity Unit come complete with ballast cartridge but they can also be bolted in position if required.

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