BP Retail aims to speed up transaction times at its service stations with the installation of new software at the tills.

Six forecourts in and around London are using an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, which will be rolled out to the rest of the UK network before the end of the year.

Ed Alford, chief information manager at BP Retail, said the system would reduce the number of invalid items containing missing or wrong data being scanned at the till, from 17% to 3%. ’Invalids’ occur when the system is not synchronised between head office and the store. When an invalid item is scanned, the cashier has to manually type in a code, increasing transaction time by 25%.

"Previously, information on new products from head office was not making its way down to the store fast enough," he said. "Now this happens much more quickly."

Alford said a speedier service was particularly important in new forecourt shops that have partnerships with Marks & Spencer, where many shoppers buy a basket full of items.

The system also ensures that ordering and replenishment are more effective, by accurately recording the items sold, and by helping BP Retail identify promotional opportunities.

It has been rolled out in Australia and will be implemented globally across all BP Retail service stations over the next three years.

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