BP has chosen Honeywell Video Systems to supply all CCTV equipment for its co-owned forecourts in the UK. Over the next 18 months all 400 BP-owned sites will be upgraded, on a priority basis, to the Honeywell digital video recorder (DVR).

The Honeywell HRHD 16-way multiplexing DVR was trialled for four months earlier this year at one of BP’s largest sites, on the M8 in Scotland.

BP retail security advisor, David Godber, said: “Cameras can be an effective crime deterrent if the supporting recording equipment can provide high-quality video evidence. Like at any other retail site, the vast majority of customers are law-abiding, but there are some, unfortunately, who are not. The Honeywell system gives us excellent picture quality and it’s really easy for our operators to use and produce images and recordings for the police.”

CCTV specialist AGE Electrical has been responsible for the installation and maintenance at BP forecourts for the past 14 years and constantly evaluates products to ensure the best systems are in place.

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