adrian felton

TLM technologies has officially changed its name to Madic UK, I have the certificate from Companies House to prove it!

We unveiled the new brand at the National Convenience Show in Birmingham last month. Changing a company name and branding is no small feat and not a decision to take lightly. You worry about losing your identity in the industry, the amount of work it entails (especially for the marketing team!) and the perception of customers and suppliers.

However, for us it made complete sense. We have been part of the Madic group for over four years now, so the change of name aligns us with our parent company – ensuring brand consistency and reflecting the Group’s global vision.

Madic group has 30 offices and industrial sites around the world innovating in the energy and mobility sector, unattended payment and the digitalisation of the customer journey. As such they manufacture a large range of forecourt products from EV chargers to fuel tanks and provide services from digital media advertising to hardware repair.

Each subsidiary takes on the name of Madic – either with the country they are based in or their expertise. For example, Madic Benelux based in Belgium and Madic Repair, specialising in renovating electronic equipment.

The same hexagonal logo is shared globally by all subsidiaries and represents the original country of the Madic group – France. I didn’t know this before, but France is referred to colloquially as L’Hexagone – because its geographical shape vaguely resembles a hexagon. The movement of the logo is dynamic – it goes forward without stopping, like a wheel.

For our Madic UK team, being part of the Madic group means we can offer our customers an extended range of products and services beyond our evolution software suite, such as Tatsuno pumps, EV chargers and digital advertising media screens.

Inversely, our UK-based evolution software is reaching new global markets – with 30 sites using evoPOS in the Benelux and pilots in France and Italy planned later this year. These are new and exciting times for Madic UK