David Plumb & Co passed a stringent BP health and safety inspection while decommisioning the former Admiral Service Station in Broomfield Road, Chelmsford, Essex.

The site, which was being reclaimed for redevelopment, was one of eight being decommissioned by David Plumb for BP via main contractor NAP Construction. One of the reasons for choosing the site for inspection was that it posed a number of challenges. It had three 47,000 litre tanks. One was empty and had to be made safe - all the fumes were expelled using nitro-foam. The other two had to have their temporary water filling pumped out and put through an oil/water separator. This removed residual contamination from the water; the contamination was taken for safe disposal while the cleaned water went down the foul sewer.

All three tanks had any remaining liquid pumped out and taken away. They were cleaned, excavated and cut for recycling. A smaller, disused tank was filled with RG22 foam, excavated, removed whole and taken to one of the few landfill sites that accepts them.

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