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BP has brought together two of its brands – the electric vehicle charging company BP Chargemaster and the public charging network Polar – under a new brand called BP pulse.

A single website is now available for both new and existing EV customers, with the BP Chargemaster and Polar websites having been replaced by BPpulse.co.uk.

The company said that as BP pulse, it will continue to grow its public charging network across the UK, while improving access and functionality for electric vehicle drivers. In the UK, BP aims to more than double its current number of publicly available charging points on the BP pulse network from around 7,000 today to 16,000 by 2030.

The subscription scheme will continue to operate, enabling access to BP pulse public charge points at a low-cost tariff and for £7.85 a month. BP pulse members will still be able to access existing and new charge points with their RFID card or key fob,

The previous Polar Plus and Polar Instant smartphone apps were recently consolidated into a single BP Chargemaster app, which has also been rebranded to BP pulse. All users will be able to start and stop charges within the app, manage their account and plan their journeys with the live map.

Throughout November, all the 50kW Ultracharge units were upgraded with a new contactless payment terminal and improved software. BP pulse will continue to install its 50kW and 150kW rapid chargers across the country on the public charging network, all with contactless access available, including Apple, Google and Samsung Pay.

Matteo de Renzi, UK CEO of BP pulse, said: “As BP pulse, we continue to offer customers convenient charging solutions at home, on the go and for businesses. We are focused on making EV charging fast and convenient, and having recently become the UK’s largest ultra-fast public charging operator, this remains the priority for expansion, with a target of 700 ultra-fast chargers available by 2025 and 1,400 by 2030.”