Esso tyre inflation events

Rwandan and Belgian motorsport star Naomi Schiff took part in a video supporting the initiative

Esso has teamed up with Kwik Fit and Michelin to tackle the problem of underinflated tyres across the UK.

For Tyre Safety month, the three companies have joined forces to raise awareness of the importance of correctly inflated tyres and help drivers increase their fuel efficiency by offering free tyre checks at 70 Esso sites across the country.

The initiatice comes as new research reveals that 28% of drivers surveyed only check their tyre pressure when the warning light comes up on the dashboard, and 1 in 10 drivers surveyed do not have a tyre pressure warning light in their car.

To help drivers ensure they are safe on the roads, and save on fuel, Esso, together with Kwik Fit and Michelin, are travelling the country to provide drivers with free tyre checks, including an air top up if required.

Running this month, the nationwide events aim to encourage UK drivers to learn how to check their tyre pressure and better understand the importance of correctly inflated tyres for both safety and fuel efficiency.

According to TyreSafe, a UK charity promoting tyre safety, cars tend to burn on average 3% more fuel when tyre pressure is 6 PSI below the recommended tyre inflation pressure.

Furthermore, for every 10% a tyre is underinflated, its wear can increase by about 10% leading to even lower fuel efficiency and unsafe driving.

Recent research commissioned by Esso also found that only half (52%) of drivers surveyed check their car’s tyre pressure as soon as the warning light comes on, with one reason being that one in five5 don’t feel confident using a tyre pump either at a service station or at home.

Patrick Rutherford, Esso UK retail sales manager, commented: “We’re delighted to be working with Kwik Fit and Michelin on our joint mission to combat underinflated tyres on UK roads. Both brands are experts in the field and together we’re offering help to UK drivers on ways they can be more fuel efficient and to explain the impact underinflated tyres can have on fuel consumption as well as road safety.”

Esso customers can also visit any Kwik Fit garage nationwide to receive a free ‘Fuel Saver Car Check. Ideal for drivers who aren’t confident to inflate their tyres themselves, the service allows Esso customers to have their vehicle checked by a qualified Kwik Fit technician, who will examine tyre condition and, if needed, provide tyre inflation and a Mobil Oil top up.

Furthermore, to help raise awareness on the importance of correctly inflated tyres, Rwandan and Belgian motorsport star Naomi Schiff has worked with Esso to create video content sharing key information on tyre pressure and further details on the tyre check events. The video can be viewed here: