Believ visual

EV charge point operator Liberty Charge has rebranded as Believ.

According to the company the change is in order to better reflect its proposition of being able to offer all charging speeds, to mark its launch into the business sector, and to support its mission of cleaner air for all.

Believ installs, manages and maintains all speeds of publicly accessible charge points at no cost to both the public sector and business sectors.

Perran Moon, Believ’s chief marketing officer, claimed Believ would make tangible differences in the movement to improve air quality, by reducing pollution and the UK’s dependence on fossil fuels.

He said: “Increasing the pace of the UK’s EV charging infrastructure roll out is essential because we are currently falling short in delivering the Government’s ambition of installing 300,000 publicly-accessible charge points by 2030. Speed is therefore of the essence. Believ holds large stock volumes of charge points capable of delivering all speeds, meaning we’re able to deploy at scale and at pace.

“As our customers already know, our end-to-end charge point service comes at zero cost – we manage all planning, installation and ongoing maintenance with no reliance on public or external funding. And we remain part of Liberty Global and Zouk Capital, with Virgin Media O2 as our delivery partner, so we continue to have the scale, capacity and financial backing to roll out charging networks as quickly as they’re needed.”