FairFuelUK wants the Chancellor to reduce fuel prices. Its five main core campaign objectives are: 

• Cuts in fuel duty;

• Introduction of PumpWatch to monitor fuel prices; 

• Scrap the 2030 un-consulted and needless ban on new petrol/diesel car sales;

• Stop the “cash-grabbing” warfare on drivers;

• Stop demonising motorists and recognise they are the ”essential, social and commercial heartbeat of our economy”


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FairFuelUK has called on Chancellor Jeremy Hunt to reduce fuel prices in the forthcoming Autumn Statement, following a poll of more than 40,000 FairFuel supporters.

Howard Cox, founder of FairFuelUK, as well as candidate for the next London mayor, said: “Time to finally recognise that lowering Fuel Duty and preventing opportunistic profiteering at the pumps will positively drive the economy, attract back disgruntled voters, with the positive fiscal benefit of generating even more tax income to the Treasury. It’s a no brainer!”

He said the survey showed “overwhelming” support for a cut in Fuel Duty (88.5% survey support) and the full implementation of the Competition and Market’s Authority endorsed FairFuelUK PumpWatch scheme (92.3% survey support). 

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He stessed that FairFuelUK had been ramming home the message to a succession of ’anti-driver’ Chancellors, that lower, fairer, and transparent pump prices are good for the economy, businesses, and disposable income, and must be heeded ”once and for all”.

“The Exchequer cannot keep ignoring 9 out of 10 voting drivers calling for lower fuel taxes!” he said. “The Chancellor should have the guts to lead the world in significantly cutting Fuel Duty and also ensure that the fuel supply chain is rigorously scrutinised by putting the much-promised PumpWatch pricing watchdog into operation. It must have real teeth too.”

“In the lead up to the 2024 General Election, this Government can draw back Conservative voters by backing the commercial and social heartbeat of the nation’s economy. There are only benefits to lowering transport costs, there are no risks”

FairFuelUK has five core campaign objectives, calling all Westminster Politicians, to support: cuts in fuel duty; introduction of PumpWatch to monitor fuel prices; stop the “cash-grabbing” warfare on drivers; stop demonising motorists and recognise they are the ”essential, social and commercial heartbeat of our economy”.

The campaigner also wants to ”scrap the 2030 un-consulted and needless ban on new petrol/diesel car sales”.

Following its recent report ’Cradle to Grave’, a comparison between battery-powered electric vehicles and combustion-engined vehicles, Cox said: ”Our research has shown that from cradle to grave, battery-powered electric vehicles have little – or indeed no CO² advantage – over internal combustion engine vehicles.

”We have considered the resourcing of raw materials used for the manufacture, utilisation and final disposal of both internal combustion engine vehicles and electric vehicles, including emissions from the production of both electricity and fossil fuels. If it was to show any theoretical advantage, a battery-powered electric vehicle would have to be manufactured and re-charged using power that is genuinely as close to Net Zero as is currently scientifically achievable – including the CO² costs of constructing the power generating infrastructure.  

”This would restrict the only possible power source to nuclear energy, as wind, solar and hydro are intermittent and need constant back-up from conventional sources to keep the National Grid providing reliable electricity. As yet, the world – and particularly the UK – is unable to deliver that scale of power reliability, and there is no such thing as zero CO².”