Goran Raven: Rapid deliveries will give young customers an introduction to our forecourt

Goran Raven is hoping to introduce a rapid delivery business to connect his forecourt store with Generation Z.

He says that he is in the initial stages of setting up the service, which he envisages will use a small Smart car operating within four miles of his Raven’s Budgens in the Essex village of Abridge.

He is planning to use an app connected to his till epos system so that customers will know instantly what is available to order.

And because he has already set up a Google business page he has already uploaded products and prices online, which he says “with a click of a button” could be accessed by the app.

Previously Goran has linked with Uber Eats for deliveries, but said that the commission the business wanted from his sales on the app made the relationship untenable.

“I love the idea of offering a delivery service, but it needs to give customers good value and to be profitable,” said Goran, who is considering introducing a delivery fee of around £1.99 rather than inflating prices on his app to pay for the deliveries.

He said although experience shows that most sales will likely be for tobacco and alcohol in the evening, he hopes to offer deliveries for most of the time his store is open from 6.30am to 10pm seven days a week.

He believes offering deliveries within 30 minutes of an order being placed will be an effective way to connect with younger adults, the so-called Gen Z cohort aged up to 27 years old, who he believes will be the greatest users of the service. But also, Goran says, retired residents in the village are also likely to be strong users of the app.

“Ordering online is second nature to the younger generation, and while I don’t have so many of this age group coming into my store, it is a great way to hook them in and to secure the next generation of customers earlier than would otherwise be possible,” said Goran.

“If they order a pot of ice cream or a Tango Ice Blast from us they will start to trust our brand, and then over time will start to buy groceries from us.

“At the same time customers who have mobility issues will welcome the initiative,” he added.