Moto Wetherby Gridserve

Gridserve has revealed that the total number of 350kW-capable chargers it installed in 2022 has exceeded 100.

Alongside Moto it has recently opened five new electric super hubs at service stations across the UK, making 30 new 350kW-capable high power chargers available for customers on the M1 and M4.

The additions take the total of high-power charger installations for the year to 118, which means it now operates 141 high-power 350kW-capable chargers at 15 locations, including its Electric Forecourts in Norwich and Braintree where it also has dozens of 90kW DC chargers.

The company claims it is now powering more than 10 million electric vehicle miles every month and recently recorded its one-millionth customer charging session.

Toddington Harper, CEO of Gridserve, said: “We are thrilled to open five awesome electric super hubs and mark a milestone of 100 high power chargers, and more, this year.

“Now in 12 Moto locations, the quicker we can roll out electric super hubs across the UK, the quicker drivers will feel confident to switch to EVs with reliable and easy charging across the country. We look forward to continuing to deliver the next 100 high power chargers across the Gridserve Electric Highway.”