Morrisons Troon

Carney Sweeney, on behalf of MFG, has lodged a planning application to triple the size of the Morrisons shop and add EV charging to its site in Troon.

The proposals are to extend the existing shop from 93sq m to 276sq m. They also include removing an existing car wash and installing, in its place, four EV chargepoints with eight charging bays, a canopy, a substation, an LV panel , plant room and meter cabinet. There would also be four new jet wash bays and three new parking bays.

MFG is looking to roll out an extensive supply of EV charging facilities at existing Morrisons sites across the UK to diversify its offer and help make it as easy to charge an EV as it is to re-fuel with petrol or diesel.

The application says MFG’s proposal to install new EV charging points at the Morrisons site should be considered positively in light of the national context and the demand for the necessary infrastructure to support EV use across the UK.

It went on to state that in terms of design, the proposed EV charging area has been carefully planned to positively integrate with the existing site operation. “The charging facility offers a modern design approach, which is uncluttered and fit for purpose. The proposals will be Equalities Act compliant, offering dropped kerbs and other associated measures to ensure equal ease of access for all,” the application said.