MFG st ives plans

A Parish Council has formally objected to plans to install EV charging points at an MFG/Morrisons site due to ‘health & safety issues with electric charging of vehicles at a petrol station’.

Morrisons has applied to Huntingdon District Council to create a charging zone at its site in Needingworth Road, St Ives. The plans listed erection of EV chargers, erection of canopy, sub-station enclosure, LV panel, meter cabinet and associated works.

As well as questioning the health and safety of such plans, Needingworth Parish Council stated that the area is already well served with EV charging points at the LOCAL Morrisons supermarket, the Costa off Harding Way, the Park & Ride at Meadow Lane, and at Aldi – and said these were never all in use.

MFG’s application said the proposed EV charging area had been carefully planned to positively integrate with the existing site operation. It said the charging facility offered a modern design approach, which is uncluttered and fit for purpose. And the proposals are Equalities Act compliant, offering dropped kerbs and other associated measures to ensure equal ease of access for all.