Gordon Balmer

Gordon Balmer, executive director of the PRA, congratulated the new government on their electoral victory as they prepare to address the country’s pressing issues.

“The recent unpredictable global events have highlighted the need for a sensible and stable government, and we hope that this new administration will provide exactly that,” he said.

“One of the immediate concerns for the new government should be helping citizens manage their household expenses and offering a roadmap for the future. It is imperative to keep fuel duty low for motorists and a clear plan is needed to achieve the ambitious Net Zero targets.

“The issue of illegal hand car washes must also be addressed urgently. These operations not only exploit workers and evade taxes but also contribute significantly to the environmental pollution of our rivers. We strongly advocate for the rapid implementation of a National Licensing Scheme to regulate this sector.”

Balmer added that the PRA looks forward to engaging with the new government and remains committed to advocating for the interests of its members and motorists.