Penny petroleum scorton

North Yorkshire Council’s planning department has recommended that Top 50 Indie Penny Petroleum be granted retrospective planning permission for its change-of-use application for the former Coates Garage in Brompton Road, Scorton near Catterick.

The site had a small shop but Penny has since converted the adjacent workshop/MOT centre into a larger convenience store.

Despite many objections from residents concerned about a new store taking trade away from the village post office and shop, the Council has recommended that Penny be granted the retrospective planning permission at its committee meeting on July 11.

The council report stated: “A significant concern raised by local residents is that of the potential impact of the development proposals on Scorton Village Shop and Post Office. Notwithstanding the objections received, competition between businesses is not a material Planning consideration that can be afforded weight in the overall assessment of the application, particularly given the size of the floor area concerned, which falls below the 500sqm required in order to trigger a full Retail Impact Assessment.”

The tills and retail area from the old shop have been relocated to provide a larger retail space – approximately 175sq m – and a wider range of products. A toilet has also been provided for customer use, as well as a meeting room, kitchen and rear fire exit. The area that was previously used for tills and retail space has now become storage space for the shop and Penny has stated that this storage area could be let out in the future to a business tenant.

In its application, Penny pointed out that the business previously employed four full-time equivalent staff but the changeof u-se application increases this to seven.

The Top 50 Indie proposed opening hours of 6am to 11pm every day including Bank Holidays but concerns from Environmental Health means the council is limiting these to 7am to 10pm Monday to Saturday and 8am to 9pm on Sundays and Bank Holidays.