The Association of Convenience Stores has submitted evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee inquiry on the Government’s draft Anti-Social Behaviour Bill.

ACS has called for clarity for the reporting mechanism under the community trigger and greater consultation with businesses on sanctions for anti-social behaviour.

The draft Bill is being scrutinised by the Home Affairs Select Committee before being introduced to Parliament. The Bill sets out a range of new powers aiming to provide Anti-Social behaviour victims with a more effective and consistent response from local agencies, these include:

• The Community Trigger: Guaranteeing a response from local agencies if a prescribed level of reports of Anti-Social Behaviour is reached.

The Community Remedy: Giving victims the opportunity to choose a range of sanctions for offenders as determined by the Police and Crime Commissioner.

James Lowman, ACS chief executive, said: “We are pleased with the measures included in the Bill but more clarity is needed. We are recommending a maximum threshold for response under the Community Trigger and the need for thorough consultation on sanctions available under the Community remedy.”

“Local shops need reassurance that police will response to their reports and deal with persistent offenders effectively. There are still too many instances of anti-social behaviour where police do not respond quickly enough and victims are not consulted on the sanctions issued.

The Home Office will be presenting an ACS Crime Prevention Forum on Friday 15th March 2013.