The Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) has called for retailers to be provided with proper compensation when negatively impacted by roadworks.

In an interview with BBC Radio York, ACS chief executive James Lowman called on local councils and utility companies to minimise the impact of roadworks outside stores.

He said: “While roadworks are a necessary endeavour for councils and utility companies, they must be held to account when they fall below the high standards set for them.

“We believe that retailers should be awarded compensation in cases where roadworks overrun dramatically, have to be repeated because of poor quality work or where the communication of the work is insufficient.”

“Retailers are faced with rising costs in all aspects of their business, so for the road outside their store to be closed for an excessive period of time could mean the difference between staying open and having to shut down for good.”

Recent research conducted by the Local Government Association found that over half of convenience stores in England have been affected by roadworks over the last three years, with 72% citing a negative effect due to reduced sales and footfall in store.