ACS has called on retailers, retail staff and suppliers from across the convenience sector to support the new petition for Government action to support people carrying PASS approved ID.

The petition follows increasing reports from cardholders of business owners refusing to accept valid proof of age cards such as CitizenCard and Young Scot. These schemes approved by the Proof of Age Standards scheme are supported nationally by Government, Police and trading standards. However local authorities are often unwilling or powerless to act when businesses refuse to accept these cards.

The petition calls on Government to stipulate that PASS approved Cards are acceptable ID through legislation or statutory guidance.

ACS Chief Executive James Lowman said: "PASS cards are reliable and secure ID. They are available to everyone unlike driving licences and do not present the same risks to the owner from losing them as passports and driving licences.

"The industry has invested heavily in PASS and retailers have included the acceptance of PASS cards in their training schemes. It is confusing and unhelpful for businesses to refuse these cards, even if their intention is simply to be strict and avoid mistakes.

"The people who lose out are the young people who have made every effort to do the right thing. We believe Government must step in and help end this confusion.”