Retailers across more than 40 constituencies are poised to kick-start the first Association of Convenience Stores ‘Campaign Champions’ campaign by lobbying their local MP on the issue of planning.

Campaign Champions has received a brief from the ACS outlining the Government’s proposed changes to current planning laws and the implications for the local retailer.

Retailers are being asked to contact their local MP calling them to support the association and the 30,000 local retailers it represents in opposing the loosening of existing planning regulations designed to safeguard against unsustainable supermarket expansion.

James Lowman, public affairs & communications manager for the ACS, said: “This isn’t simply about getting some letters sent off to MPs, it is about forging lasting and meaningful relationships between retailers and their MPs and other decision-makers.

“We have chosen planning as the first issue for Campaign Champions because it is at a critical stage at the moment.”

Retailers can get involved by contacting Simon Hawkins at the ACS on 01252 515001.