Following the publication by the Home Office of a draft code of practice on alcohol sales, ACS (the Association of Convenience Stores), representing 33,000 convenience stores that would be affected by the code, has urged Home Secretary Jacqui Smith to think


carefully about the confusion that these changes will bring into the Licensing system. The draft Code contains a range of mandatory and local discretionary conditions.
ACS Chief Executive James Lowman said: "This latest proposal shows that Government has reflected on some of the major concerns brought to it by industry and other stakeholders. Nonetheless we remain unconvinced that at this time of uncertainty there is a need for yet more change.
“We believe that the Licensing Act is the best tool we have to address irresponsible premises that cause problems related to the sale of alcohol in the community. These new proposals will confuse licensing officers, retailers and local people who are already using the Act effectively to tackle problems.”
On the issue of supermarket promotions, Mr Lowman said: "We have always emphasised the need for strong evidence to support interventions to tackle promotions such as bulk discounts and loss leaders. We will look closely at these proposals, in particular to understand how this will reduce alcohol harm, as well as the likely impact on our trade and its customers.”