The Association of Convenience Stores has welcomed energy company E.On’s announcement that it will be reducing its backbilling limits for all small businesses to 12 months, effective this week.

According to E.On’s own research, 76% of businesses believe the process of back-billing for past consumption should be restricted to a maximum of one year – as is already the case in the domestic market.

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “We welcome E.On’s decision to reduce the length of potential back bills to one year and make their billing easier to understand for their small business customers. This is an important step, and we are pleased that they have listened carefully to the concerns of business customers. We will continue to press other energy companies that have not done so already to follow suit.

"Retailers and ACS have been telling Ofgem and energy companies that they want fairer contracts and more protection in their dealings with utilities providers. I am delighted with this further step forward, and we will continue to lobby Ofgem, Government and Parliament so that all local shops get a fair deal."

Other initiatives announced by E.On include putting contract end dates on bills, implementing new standards for energy broker sales and making sure that customers are aware that they can opt out of automatic rollover contracts.

In response to its’ Retail Market Review consultation, Ofgem announced that a number of energy companies would be moving to a 12 month backbilling commitment by 2014. ACS continues to lobby energy companies individually to implement a 12 month limit before Ofgem’s deadline.