Police in Lancashire are hunting for a Bentley driver who filled his tank at two petrol stations and failed to pay up.

The driver of the green-grey Bentley first struck when he helped himself to £92.80 – just over 70 litres – of unleaded fuel from Cross Roads Garage, on Garstand Road East, Singleton, on January 16 at 10.20pm, and drove off without paying.

The second theft occured 16 days later at the Shell garage on Fleetwood Road, Greenhalgh.

This time the car – which had no registration plates and police believe is the same vehicle -–pulled up at the pump at around 1pm and the offender filled the tank with £120.50 of V Power petrol.

The thief then drove off without making any attempt to pay.

Anyone with any information about the driver of the vehicle should contact police on 101.